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Unleash LED Lighting Potentials in Horticulture Growing

Light emitting diode (LED) is a solid-state semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. As an emerging energy-efficient lighting technology, LEDs have overwhelming advantages over traditional incandescent/florescent light sources. Given the large application scale and energy uses in agriculture and benefits of LED itself, LED grow bulbs have huge potentials for indoor farming in horticulture.

Choose LED Light to Grow Plants Best


Modular LED Grow Light 320W

◎ Modular fanless heatsink, no moving parts
◎ Photosynthetic photon flux 700umol/s @320W
◎ Optic lens 90° for high PPFD on canopy
◎ Dimmable, full spectrum, IP65 protection

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320W LED Grow 9-module Light

UFO LED Grow Light 200W

◎ Compact, cheap die-cast aluminum body
◎ Full spectrum, PPF 450umol/s @200W
◎ Optic lens 60°, 90° or glass (120°)
◎ Protection level IP65, easy to install

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LED Tube Grow Light 36W/60W

◎ Grow rack/shelf lighting & interlight
◎ Plastic tube 100% safe, aluminum insert cooling
◎ Easy to install, combine & wire, IP65 harness
◎ Proven full spectrum, customizable

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  • Explosive view of Tube36
  • Single view of Tube36
  • Interlighting setup of Tube36
  • 3-in-1 setup of Tube36
LED grow tube lights 36W 60W, rack/shelf lighting in vertical farming
S 600W LED toplighting for 1000W HPS replacement Ag600L/S

LED Grow Toplighting 600W

+ Easily switch HPS to LED
save energy and raise yield & quality

◎ Switch HPS to LED for energy-saving, yield & quality
◎ Perfect 1-to-1 replacement from HPS to LED
◎ Equivalent to 1000W HPS, saving energy by 30%
◎ Tailored spectrum for plants & growth stages
◎ Smart control options, IP65
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